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Tired of scrolling search results for good holiday recipes, and getting ad-filled websites with unproven recipes?

Let's fix that!


Get 30+ FREE, recipes for every holiday shared with you from celebrity Jewish chefs

We want to help you:

  • Find the exact recipes you want without searching through dozens of ad-filled sites
  • Be confident that the recipes will be delicious and perfect for your gathering
  • Get excited about seeing your family and friends’ responses
  • Create holiday meal times that are more memorable and meaningful

Some of the recipes included

Our chefs are featured on:

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  • Purim
  • Passover
  • Tu b shvat
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Chanukah
  • Shabbat
  • Israeli
  • Hamentaschen
  • Soups, Matzo Pizza, Gefilte Fish, Spare Ribs, Vegetarian Chopped Liver, & More
  • Noodle Kugel, Apple & Honey Couscous, Ricotta Stuffed Challah, Apple Cake, & More
  • Two kinds of Latkes, Sufganiyot, Rugelach
  • Challah, Lemon Chicken Soup, Shakshuka, Salmon over Lentils
  • Salmon Shawarma Salad, Stuffed Vegetables, Krembo

Jewish Recipes for the whole year:

Why a Whole Recipe Book is Ideal

"I went online to get a specific recipe. Why should I download a whole book?"

  • The book is mobile-friendly, meaning the recipes are easy to follow while using your phone.
  • These recipes are from chefs who know how to create meals that are amazing and easy to make.
  • Because you will discover more proven recipes you can use for this holiday or the next one.

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30+ Meals for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Shabbat, Chanukah, Purim, and more


Recipes from top Jewish chefs, including:
Molly Yeh, Jamie Geller, Pati Jinich, and more


Easy-to-follow instructions, done in 30-60 minutes, and stories to inspire your holidays

Wow your


Inspired by the most popular recipe apps

Easy-to-follow Instructions

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Amazing meals in 30 minutes!


Proven, delicious, healthy Jewish meals from top Jewish chefs - Molly Yeh, Jamie Geller, Pati Jinich, Naomi Nachman, Amy Kritzer, and more!

What sets this eBook apart

(from every other recipe site)


The layout and step-by-step instructions are based on top recipe apps that guide cooks of every skill level from start to finish.


We are a nonprofit sharing food with needy people for over 100 years. Our mission is to help people celebrate the holidays with connection, meaning, and dignity.

Websites full of unproven recipes contributed by anyone!



A list of ingredients and steps with the assumption you're an expert.



Websites cluttered with ads or are full of product placements.



(Every recipe site)

Delicious Recipes . . .

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Molly Yeh

Jamie Geller

Pati Jinich

Our Chef Contributors

Naomi Nachman

Jake Cohen

Amy Kritzer

And More . . .

As featured on:

Why This Recipe Book Exists

Our organization has been caring for Jewish families by serving food to those in need during the holidays for over 100 years!

We believe that healthy, delicious food encourages meaningful connection during the most important moments of the year. On the other hand, a lack of food is a barrier to connection and in celebrating the holidays with meaning and dignity.

We’ve brought together a group of the top Jewish chefs who value the same things and want to help your holidays be easier, more meaningful, and of course, absolutely delicious!

We’ve also gathered stories from years of working in Jewish communities to inspire you.

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